Why Data Monetization?

It's Your Data, Get Paid

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Earn Cash Easily on the Go

Easily make money every day as you move around, since EVERYWHERE YOU GO EARNS rewards. Ride to school or work, walk through the mall, or bike through a park and you will get paid for sharing your geolocation data with Cocoon MDR™. Coming soon, you will also be able to earn cash for sharing browsing data on your mobile device, just like our Cocoon MDR™ desktop app for MacOS and Windows.

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Stop Giving Your Data Away for Free

Big companies like Google and Facebook profit from your data without paying you a single penny. Now you can easily TAKE CONTROL and GET PAID for sharing your data with Cocoon MDR™. Help change the industry and get your fair share today!

We Value Your Privacy

What information do we collect? The Cocoon MDR™ app collects ANONYMOUS behavioral data. We do not collect any PII (personal identifiable information), for example, first and last names, email addresses. In addition, you always have full control and can easily turn data sharing on or off at any time.

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Cash Out Fast

We don’t require any bank information. Cash-out and transfer your MyData Rewards™ balance to PayPal at any time. Enter PayPal account information in your MDR™ account dashboard, then every quarter your rewards are automatically deposited for free! The fine print: The minimum balance you can transfer is $3.00, and current month earnings are available 30 days later.

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