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Cocoon MDR Browse

Browse the Web

Cocoon MDR™ (MyData Rewards™) is the only browser that pays cash rewards for sharing your data anonymously. Install the Cocoon MDR™ browser and create a free account to start making easy money today!

Cocoon MDR Geolocation

Geolocation Features

Share location data and make money. Even just walking around can create dollars for you. This means you can even profit off of your everyday travels. There’s no questions, nor any surveys. It really is that simple!

Cocoon MDR Cashout

Cash Out Fast

We don’t require any bank information. Cash out and transfer your MyData Rewards™ balance to PayPal at any time. Enter PayPal account information in your MDR™ account dashboard, then every quarter your rewards are automatically deposited for free!

Cocoon MDR Cashout

How It Works

Take Control with Cocoon MDR™

Start Earning Anywhere

Download Cocoon MDR™ for your desktop and mobile device!

Cocoon For Mac

MyData RewardsTM


Download Cocoon MDR for Mac
Cocoon for Windows

MyData RewardsTM


Download Cocoon MDR for Windows
Cocoon for Android

MyData RewardsTM


Cocoon MyData Rewards for Android
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